Telemeeting contacts

The telemeeting contact list is for all genders. is a website which holds telephone and online meeting details.

It has a contact list for members to reach out to each other. The list is for all genders.

You need to sign-up as a member to be able see the contacts. This protects everyone involved as we each know who is in the group. Members have agreed to share their contact details for recovery. Do not share this information outside this group. Please do not use this list to advertise services, even SAA services. If you are concerned about any contact made using this list please let the team know at

You can view the entire list in alphabetical order or restrict long lists using the filters. Click on a member’s name to see their full contact details.

You may wish to create a new recovery email address which does not contain your full name to protect your anonymity.

There are topics available to find people who are seeking the same recovery or outer circle interests.

Log in on the Members pages. If you do not have an account you can create one using the link underneath the ‘login box’. You must become a member to view the telemeeting intergroup contact list.

The Telemeeting Intergroup and website was created to provide one place for sex addicts to find telemeetings. It has become successful and over 100 meetings are listed there.

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