SAA Intergroups

(includes other special purpose committees or trusted servants)

An intergroup is made up of individuals representing autonomous member groups within a defined geographic region, who meet regularly to coordinate activities and conduct business for the collective benefit of their member groups. Specialized types of meetings, such as tele-meetings or online meetings, may also choose to form intergroups to address issues unique to their particular medium.”
SAA Intergroups and Websites (Location)Business Mtg. Day & Time (Time Zone, if Electronic)Domain [URL] for IG websitephone (for women when available)Contact email
for the latest updates)
Links to SAA Women’s Intergroup?
Austin IG (Austin, TX)1st Sat at 11:15 YES
[SAA] Australia IG (Sydney, Australia) 3 9513 2572
Bay Area IG (Berkeley, CA)2nd Sat at 11:15 AMwww.bayareasaa.orgWomen:
[SAA] Big Book Study IG (Electronic)1st Sat at 12:00 PM CTSAA Big Book Study
Birmingham Grace Fellowship IG (Birmingham, AL)
Calgary Group Conscience (Calgary, AB Canada) Varies 403-214-1808SAACALGARY@YAHOO.CA
Central Coast IG (Santa Barbara, CA)Quarterly, 3rd Sun of 1st month at 5:00 PM
Central Florida IG (Orlando, FL)Last Thu at 6:45 PMwww.cflsaa.org407-906-7221 (Women)
Central New York IG (East Syracuse, NY)3rd Wed at 6:30 PM 315-728-9722CNYSAA@GMAIL.COM
Central/Northern Arizona IG (Phoenix, AZ)2nd Sat at 11:30 YES
Charleston Area IG (N. Charleston, SC)1st Mon at 5:30
Chicagoland SAA IG (Chicago, IL)3rd Wed at 6:15
Colorado SAA IG (Boulder, CO)
DFW [Dallas Fort Worth] IG (Dallas, TX)Varieswww.DFWSAA.org469-454-0565 (call or text) YES
Eugene IG (Eugene, OR)1st Wed at 6:00 PMhttp:/
Fox Valley SAA
Gauteng South Africa SAA
Georgia IG, SAAwww.saageorgia.org678-964-5869STEVEG.ATL@GMAIL.COM
Greater Charlotte Area IG (Charlotte, NC)Sat at 10:00
Greater Toronto Area IG (Toronto, ON Canada)3rd Fri at 6:30 PMsaatoronto.org416-285-0951TORONTOSAAINFO@GMAIL.COM
Greater Vancouver IG (Vancouver, BC Canada)3rd Tue at 7:00 
Hope & Recovery Bloomington IG (Bloomington, IN)4th Mon at 8:30 PM CT
Houston Area SAA IG (Houston, TX)2nd Sun at 3:00 AMwww.houstonsaa.org713-405-1142info@houstonsaa.orgYES
Huntington Chapter of SAA (Huntington, WV)
Indiana IG (Indianapolis, IN)2nd Sat at 4:00 PMwww.indiana-saa.org855-784-8739 
Intergrupo ASA Argentina  (Buenos Aires)1er Sabado de cada mes
ISA Electronic Meeting IG (Electronic)2nd Sat at 5:00 AMISA Resources List SAAANOREXIATELEMEETINGS@GMAIL.COM
[SAA] Israel IGThu at 8:00 PM 058-7895559
Las Vegas IG (Las Vegas, NV)
Lexington Fellowship (KY)
Louisville IG (KY)1st Mon at 5:45 PMwww.saalouisville.org502-428-8722ROBERTCHALEY1950@GMAIL.COM
Madison Area Serenity IG (Fitchburg, WI)2nd Mon at 6:45 PMwww.madisonsaa.org608-845-2309info@madisonsaa.orgYES
Nashville SAA IG (Nashville, TN) 
New Jersey IG (Hackensack, NJ)
New Mexico IG (Albuquerque, NM)2nd Sun at 6:00 
New York City IG (NYC, NY)2nd Sun at 4:45 PMwww.nycsaa.org347-815-4722 (call or txt) 
North Coast IG (Arcata, CA)3rd Sat at 9:15 AM
North Dakota (Fargo) 701-541-9782
Northbay IG (Santa Rosa, CA)Even months, 4th Mon at 6:30 PMwww.northbaysaa.org707-408-1078INFO@NORTHBAYSAA.ORG
Ohio Valley IG of SAA (Columbus, OH)2nd Sat at 11:00 also cbuswomenssaa.blogspot.comMel at
Orange County IG (Costa Mesa, CA)2nd Wed at 7:00 PMwww.ocisaa.orgWomen only:
Ottawa SAA IG (Ottawa, ON Canada) 
Portland Area IG (Portland, OR)3rd Sat at 11:30 
Puerto Rico IG of SAAViernes787-984-0222
Puget Sound IG (Seattle, WA)2nd Sun even months at 5:00 PMwww.pugetsoundsaa.org331-303-2077TRUSTSERVWAST@GMAIL.COMYES
San Antonio IG (San Antonio, TX)1st Sat at 10:15 AM210-541-1210SAASATX1@GMAIL.COM
San Diego SAASan Diego, CAhttp://sandiegosaa.com1-800-869-2112women@SanDiegoSAA.comYES
San Jose SAA IG (Mesa, AZ)1st Sat at 10:00 
(520) 815-7108
San Luis Obisbo (CA)805-308-1953
[SAA] So-Be [South Beach] IG (Miami) Tue at 8:00 PM
Southeast Virginia, IG of {Virginia Beach, VA)2nd Sun odd months 3:00 PMwww.saaofsoutheasternva.org757-398-0006RAFREY89@GMAIL.COM
[SAA of] Southern Arizona (Tucson, AZ) YES
Southern California IG (West Los Angeles, CA)1st Thu at 5:30 PMwww.scisaa.org213-465-0722
Sponsors Helping Sponsors (Electronic)Thu at 11:00 AM CTSHS meeting linkChristine 260-209-4445
SWFL Intergroup3rd Sun at 4:00 PM
Sydney IG of SAASydney, 8006
Telemeeting IG, SAA (electronic)2nd Sun at 1:00 PM CTwww.saatalk.infoINFO@SAATALK.ORG
Greater Toledo Area IG (Toledo)Varieswww.glasscitysaa.orgJERRYC701@GMAIL.COM
Triangle IG (Raleigh, NC)3rd Sat at 10:15 AMwww.saatriangle.org800-921-1896  option 2INFO@SAATRIANGLE.ORG
Twin Cities IG (St. Paul, MN)2nd Tue at 5:PM www.saatc.org651-646-1970SAATCRECOVERY@GMAIL.COM
[SAA] UK IG (London, UK)(Sat every 6 weeks) Varieswww.saauk.info07766 075 247 (women only) 
[SAA] Western Cape IG (Cape Town, S.Africa)1st Sun at 4:30 PM (0) 82 88 99 050
Washington DC Area IG (Falls Church, VA) 2nd Sat at 1:30 PMwww.dcmetrosaa.org470-223-2722dcmetrosaa@gmail.comYES
[SAA] Women’s IG (Electronic)1st Sun at 1:30 PM CT
S BIPOC Intergroup 2nd & 4th Saturday
11:30 PM
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