Women’s Telemeetings

‘Women-only electronic meetings (by telephone or online)

There are two places to search for Women’s Telemeeting: both the Telemeeting Intergroup and the International Service Organization list electronic meetings. (Electronic; can be audio and/or video or just keyboard and text)

Both sites allow you to search for women-only meetings, or for mixed (all genders) meetings; the Telemeeting Intergroup saatalk.info also allows you to search for GLBT focus meetings.

Both websites list only meetings registered with them. Meetings are not required to register with either the ISO nor the Telemeeting Intergroup. But many meetings choose to do both and thus are listed on both meeting websites.

NOTE: To make the most of the resources of the SAA Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG], you may become a member by creating a login name and password and to login before going to the TIG web pages.

Women’s Telemeetings registered with the ISO

For details, click on saa-recovery.org/meetings/, click on Telemeetings, and the three lines next to the Telemeetings button to show filters. You can select Women or All for Makeup.

Seven days a week:

Womens Daily Wake Up Call – (Every)day 6:15 Central Time  [CT] (Telemeeting)



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