Women’s telemeetings

Women-only phone and online meetings

There are several places to search for Women’s Telemeetings

Groups choose where to list their meetings. Some meetings will appear on bother websites but others will not.

Both sites allow you to search for women-only meetings, or for mixed gender meetings. saatalk.info has a filter for GLBT focus meetings.

Telemeetings listed on the international website

There are many women’s focus meetings on the international website. SAA-Recovery.org/meetings

We recommend visiting that webpage, select ‘Telemeetings’ and in the three lines button set the filter to ‘women’.

“When we started attending meetings many of us were surprised to meet people who were enjoying life, experiencing freedom from the painful, compulsive behaviours that had brought them to SAA.”

Green Book page 20

“Meetings are the heart of the SAA fellowship. At meetings we emerge
from our shame, secrecy, and fear, into a community of people who
share the common goal of freedom from sex addiction. They give us
the opportunity to talk about our lives and our addiction with other sex
addicts, people who have had similar experiences and understand the
problems we face.”

SAA Green Book, page 10
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