SAA Women’s Intergroup-Sponsored Event:

SAA International Women’s Virtual Retreat: All Together Again

The SAA Women’s Intergroup is planning their second virtual women’s retreat  “All Together Again”.  The retreat is intended for anyone in the program who identifies and lives as a woman. Registration is required. Volunteers needed. Please email us at for more information. 

Women’s Intergroup past women-only events:

  • Exquisite Self Care Workshop for Women (2020-12-05)
  • Neurobiology of Sex Addiction Women’s Workshop (2020-11-15)
  • SAA International Women’s Virtual Retreat (2020-08-08 & -09)
  • Women’s Sponsor-Sponsee Connection Meeting(s) (several)

“Most groups also have a social life outside the meetings.  Before or after meetings, people meet for coffee and food.  … Some groups have retreats together to intensify work on the program.  While these are not part of the meeting, they are essential to program life.  To regard them as an option for which one does not have time is to miss out on an important part of developing a program for oneself: building a support network.”

“A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps,” revised edition, page 3, [Note: not an SAA-approved publication — this is not an endorsement of this book, author, or publisher.]

Other SAA events scheduled this year:

Question: Where do I find information about Events?
Answer: Two fellowship-wide posting sites for workshops, retreats, and other events include:

Upcoming fellowship-wide events

Southern AZ Intergroup SAA 12 Step Study Retreat

  • September 17, 18, & 19, from 5 pm Friday until noon Sunday.
  • Great for newcomers and old timers alike.
  • Cost $155.00 Includes housing and all meals.
  • Registration, sleeping arrangements are limited. Each person will have their own room and bathroom.

Click for flyer:

Indiana Retreat Returns to Camp Pyoca

Indiana Intergroup Presents:
ISAA Fall Retreat October 15, 16, 17, 2021
: “On The Road to Recovery”

Click here for the flyer.

Austin Sex Addicts Anonymous Intergroup presents

Eugene, OR fall retreat October 16, 2021

BIPOC Weekend Retreat October 29 – 31

Planting Seeds of Our BIPOC Sexual Liberation and Healing

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Retreat Committee is sponsoring a Zoom retreat. This retreat is only for those who are BIPOC. For more information, or to volunteer, complete the form below or email the contact below.

Sign up form:

Contact Name: BIPOC Retreat Committee
Contact Email:

Ohio Valley Intergroup Fall Retreat

Saturday, October 30, 2021; See flyer for information

Other sources for speakers, workshops and retreats

Several intergroups host events, publish newsletters, or blog:

Twin Cities (Minnesota) Intergroup: sign-up for the Twin Cities Newsletter;
also, first Saturday Speakers Meeting

New York City Intergroup “We have events throughout the year.”

Ohio Valley Intergroup Check our latest Newsletter for upcoming events

Portland, Oregon: Second Saturday Speaker Meeting Click here for information

Indiana Intergroup [IISAA] hosts one of the longest-standing retreats in SAA;
Also, see their quarterly Check-IN newsletter.

Puget Sound Intergroup hosts an annual Back to the Basics of Recovery for SAA (with zoom) in January.

Austin Sex Addicts Anonymous Intergroup — Save the date: Fall Retreat scheduled for October 16-17, 2021
Retreat: Oct 16 @ 9:00 am – Oct 17 @ 1:00 pm [CT/US]

Portland, OR IG 2nd Saturday Speakers Meeting (zoom);
(Also, Fall Retreat, Oct 22-24, 2021)

Marathon Holiday Meetings

The Telemeeting Intergroup has listed Holiday Marathon SAA Meetings and/or Fellowship. Recently, the ISA Intergroup has hosted 10-hour OPEN (members and guests) meetings for:

  • New Years Day,
  • 4th of July,
  • Labor Day (U.S.)
  • Thanksgiving (American), and
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve,

To see if any events are scheduled click here

Suggested reading:

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