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Dear Grace articles:

Importance of a Variety of Meetings on page 6 in The Outer Circle for May-June, 2021

What if I’m the Only Woman in a Meeting? on page 6, in The Outer Circle for July – August 2019

How Can I Create Safe Phone Meetings? on page 6, in The Outer Circle for January – February 2019

How to Deal with Inappropriate Behavior on page 6, in The Outer Circle for March – April 2018

Maintaining our boundaries for ourselves and others in recovery

People in recovery are here to stop their addictive sexual behaviours. When we’re new it can be hard to see how our behaviour is effecting others around us. Men and women need to respect each other’s boundaries, it’s not a one-way street. Everyone human is afflicted and deserves healing.

These articles talk about the problems and how we can keep each other safe.

  • Order “2009 Unity in SAA How to Recognize and Avoid Exploitation in our Fellowship – Staci S (68MB)” – A Convention Workshop Audio recording (buy from SAA Audio Store).
  • It’s rare but a person may flirt or engage with a newcomer to pursue acting out. This is not tolerated by SAA. Read this 13th stepping story to hear what it’s like and how to get help, but also learn how not to 13th Step someone else. We all need to keep our boundaries to keep ourselves and others safe.
  • How to Support Male Dominated Meetings – and Yourself on page 6, in The Outer Circle for January – February 2021
  • Some women feel uncomfortable with men, but men can also feel uncomfortable. It’s important that women also help men in their recovery. Together we get better – How Men Can Feel Safe in Mixed Meetings on page 6, in The Outer Circle for November – December 2019
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