Finding other women to connect with and share contacts:

(It is often said in these rooms that the antidote for addiction is connection.)


“[SAA] is not a place to meet sexual partners, nor is it group therapy …”

Sex Addicts Anonymous (“the green book”) page 12

  • Various contact lists — several resources (Women’s Outreach, Telemeeting Intergroup, LGBT Outreach, others) maintain lists of members seeking and providing contact information;
  • see Contacting Other Women from the ISO;
  • Several Intergroups (local service committees) have separate emails or phone numbers for women only. Check the Intergroup page list;
  • Meetings (both electronic and local, face-to-face meetings) maintain phone and/or email lists of members willing to be contacted;
  • Many women’s meetings, and a few “Mixed” (all genders) meetings, offer women-only contact lists; —
  • Click here for meetings, including Women-only meetings, either Telemeetings or local (face-to-face).

Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance contact information is included in ISA Resources — Download PDF file.

Click below for more:

For information on the Telemeeting contact list

For information on the Women Outreach List (also called the Grace List)

For information on the new LGBT ISO Support List (for information or to be on the list), if you self-identify as LGBTQ+, email

1) Contact information from ISA Resources may not be current — check dates of meetings, links, etc.
2) We suggest you email to for assistance)

SAA Women’s Intergroup

EVENTS: SAA Women’s Intergroup-sponsored past events (for women-only):

  • Exquisite Self Care Workshop for Women (2020-12-05)
  • Neurobiology of Sex Addiction Women’s Workshop (2020-11-15)
  • SAA International Women’s Virtual Retreat (2020-08-08,09)
  • (monthly Women’s Sponsor-Sponsee Connection Meetings, Dec 2018 – Dec 2019

(Note:  hosting women-only retreats, once a function the WOC , was recently transferred to the Women’s intergroup.)

The WOC sponsored five international, women-only retreats in the years 2011 – 2017.

See Women’s Outreach website for more information.
See also Events for workshops, speaker meeting, retreats and other events, where you may meet and fellowship with others.

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