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You are invited to view the most recent issue of the statewide newsletter, The Check-IN, to keep informed about current SAA events, news, and recovery-related topics. [There are] archived Check-INs for you to access …

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The Check-IN is a quarterly publication of the Indiana Intergroup of SAA [IISAA].

The Indiana Intergroup of Sex Addicts Anonymous, or IISAA, is an intergroup consisting of representatives from those Indiana SAA meetings that choose to belong.

We are here to help individual sex addicts and the meetings they attend to succeed in their efforts to achieve recovery from sexual addiction following the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Sex Addicts Anonymous.

On this site, you will find resources to help you begin your journey to recovery including meeting times and locations, events and other helpful resources. — (excerpted from the IISAA Web Site Home Page)

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  • NEW! Podcast: The Sex Addicts Recovery Podcast has officially been launched on all major podcasting platforms.
    To listen to the podcast or find links to your favorite podcast platform, please visit our landing page at our host site For more information, please email
  • Grace Fellowship of SAA – Birmingham (Alabama) Recovery Blog
    (To read posts previously submitted, click here)

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