Audio stories

Women sex addicts having been sharing their stories at SAA Conventions since 1991.

Pioneer Panel

Two members of the very first women’s meeting talk about their experience.

The recording was made at the 2015 Women’s Retreat.

Jeannie O

The Pony Express: a metaphor for SAA, our social influences, and our DNA. Jeannie talks about sharing the message of SAA to suffering sex addicts, how men can support our recovery and how important women in the fellowship are to theirs. transcript available

Radio Interview

A radio interview from a woman in SAA

Podcasts from Bay Area SAA

Bay Area SAA have weekly SAA podcasts, their YouTube page has nearly 100 episodes. The following feature women sex addicts.

Ep 020 Deb W.
Ep 027 Jeannie O.
Ep 031 Megan
Ep 033 Amy MJ
Ep 034 Sarah B.
Ep 039 Amy S
Ep 050 Bennett D.
Ep 066 Christine C.
Ep 072 Jeannie O.
Ep 073 Hayden M.
Ep 078 Ange

Some of these podcasts include discussion or shares from members of COSA – whose lives have been impacted by sex addicts.

Audio recordings to buy from the SAA Store

Audio recordings are available to buy from the SAA Store. Here is a partial list of available women’s stories, panels, and workshops.

2019 Bridges to Recovery (0 hr 43 min) – Women’s Outreach Committee
2018 Saturday Speaker – Allison T (1 hr 35 min)
2018 Sunday Speaker – Bennett D (38 min)
2018 WOC Women’s Outreach Committee Workshop #2 – Deb W (59 min)
2016 Saturday Night Banquet – Karen S
2016 Womens Panel – Various Speakers
2013 Friday Night Opening Speaker – Shira K
2012 Sunday Luncheon – Womens Panel – Louise G, Shelley K and Francie E (43MB
2010 Saturday Banquet – Kimberly S
2009 Unity in SAA How to Recognize and Avoid Exploitation in our Fellowship – Staci S (68MB)
2008 Monday Brunch – Women’s Panel (49 MB)
2005 Sunday Lunch Keynote Speaker – Dolores F (50 MB)
2002 Women’s SAA Panel (2002 Convention) – Staci S
2000 Sexuality and Addiction: A Panel Discussion for Women – Elizabeth N
1997 Convention Keynote – Penny K
1997 Boundaries Before and After: Discovering boundaries in my life – Francie E
1995 Convention Keynote – Doris G & Marilyn F
1992 Convention Keynote: First Woman in SAA – Jean O
1991 Convention Keynote Speaker: A Woman’s Journey – Jill S

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