Women’s Outreach Committee [WOC]

A Committee of the International Service Organization [ISO] of SAA

The Women’s Outreach Committee was suggested in 2003 by a woman member of the ISO Board of Trustees and formed as a Board committee. Their primary purpose is to support the woman sex addict who still suffers.

Their scope is four‐fold:

  1. to reach out to all women who desire to stop addictive sexual behavior;
  2. to assist these women in connecting with other SAA women;
  3. to provide a safe place for women to reach out to other women for support and sponsorship, and
  4. to give women a voice in the SAA fellowship.

Some of their continuing activities are to:
 produce the “Dear Grace column in The Outer Circle
 maintain the Women’s Outreach List (sometimes known as “the Grace list”
 coordinate the Women’s Outreach room at each ISO convention.
 serve as the content expert for the women’s pages on the ISO website.
 facilitate sharing of ESH with other ISO committees, such as the Fellowship International Standing Committee of the Board
 coordinate ways for the ISO to hear women’s voices, such as panel discussions and workshops at each ISO convention, and the continuing series of teleconferences on “Women in the Fellowship: What’s working; what’s not working.”

Past activities have included writing pamphlets for women in SAA. We have the WOC to thank for these pamphlets: A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer and Safe and Sober Meetings. The WOC also sponsored five women-only retreats in the years 2011 – 2017. (Note: hosting women-only retreats is a function the WOC recently transferred to the new Women’s intergroup.)

What’s the Difference? Updated May 9, 2021

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