Women’s Outreach Committee

The women’s Outreach Committee (WOC) is part of the International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA. Their focus is to reach out to all women across the world who want to stop their addictive sexual behaviour.

As part of their work they will:

The Woman in the Rooms was the Outer Circle issue for July-August 2016 – a series of articles explores the question: How can we make space as a fellowship for women in SAA?”

If you are interested in becoming involved in the work of the Committee contact them at womensoutreach@saa-recovery.org

The Women’s Outreach Committee was suggested in 2003 by a woman member of the ISO Board of Trustees and formed as a Board committee. Their primary purpose is to support the woman sex addict who still suffers.

Their scope is four‐fold:

  1. to reach out to all women who desire to stop addictive sexual behavior;
  2. to assist these women in connecting with other SAA women;
  3. to provide a safe place for women to reach out to other women for support and sponsorship, and
  4. to give women a voice in the SAA fellowship.
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