History of Women in SAA

Our History:

  • The story of women in the fellowship begins in August 1980 with the first women and pioneer: The first women’s meeting began in December of that year, with four women attending. Story 2, page 114 in the Green Book of SAA A Phone Call Saved Her Life.
  • The first woman told her story at the 2007 Convention, MP3, listed as “2007 Saturday Banquet: First woman in SAA – Jeanne O”, available for download from the SAA Store,
  • Another pioneering woman presented her history of women in SAA at the 2020 Women’s Intergroup-sponsored Women’s Retreat: The history of women in SAA.

Pioneer Panel recording:

Two women pioneers tell the story of early women’s meetings at a Women’s Outreach Committee-sponsored women’s retreat: “Pioneer Panel.”

Jeannie O

The Pony Express: a Metaphor for SAA, our Social Influences, and our DNA

Jeannie talks about sharing the message of SAA to suffering sex addicts, how men can support our recovery and how important women in the fellowship are to theirs.

Read the transcript here

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