History of Women in SAA

Our History:

  • The story of women in the fellowship begins in August 1980 with the first women member and pioneer: The first women’s meeting began in December of that year, with four women attending: see story #2 in Sex Addicts Anonymous: “A Phone Call Saved Her Life” starting on page 114.
  • The first woman member told her story at the 2007 Convention, MP3, listed as “2007 Saturday Banquet: First woman in SAA – Jeanne O”, available for download from the SAA Store,
  • Another pioneering woman presented her history of women in SAA at the 2020 Women’s Intergroup-sponsored Women’s Retreat: PRESENTATION OF THE HISTORY OF WOMEN IN SAA.

Pioneer Panel recording:

Two women pioneers told the story of early women’s meetings at a Women’s Outreach Committee-sponsored women’s retreat: “Pioneer Panel.” (A recording from the 2015 Women’s Retreat is available, without downloading):

Two members of the first SAA woman’s meeting tell their story at a 2015 women’s retreat..

Edinburgh speaker:

The Pony Express: a Metaphor for SAA, our Social Influences, and our DNA

Read the transcript here

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