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Single source for inclusive SAA recovery resources

Our service committee supports the journey of women in SAA, with links to these fellowship resources for women: 
MeetingsSponsors, Connections, Women’s StoriesDiversity, and SAA Women’s Outreach Committee.

While focused primarily on SAA women, we are inclusive, serving all gender and sexual minorities, fellowship diversity, and all SAA members.

A special welcome …

… to women Getting Started … in SAA Meetings, including a Beginners Packet …

… as well as to those looking for more recovery resources:

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SAA NEWS: announcement of SAA Women’s Intergroup

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  • Contact us. How to contact the SAA Women’s Intergroup and webmaster.
  • Donate for benefit ONLY of “the (woman) sex addict who still suffers.”

SAA Public Service Anouncement

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SAA Public Service Announcement

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Sex Addicts Anonymous
Chapter One

Sex Addicts Anonymous — Our Addiction

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