Types of Meetings

Several kinds of meetings can meet the needs of new members to explore and decide which type works best for them.

Four places to look for meetings of all types:

  • All meetings registered with the SAA International Service Office [ISO] (Click here)
  • Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG] member meetings (Click here)
  • Unregistered meetings (often, new or local) — check local Intergroups
  • Registered Meetings of the SAA Women’s Intergroup that have certified that they are Welcoming and Friendly to Women: (Click here)

The only requirement for SAA membership is a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior

SAA Tradition Three

“Meetings are the heart of the SAA fellowship. At meetings we emerge from our shame, secrecy, and fear, into a community of people who share the common goal of freedom from sex addiction.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 10

Meeting types include:

  • Women-only meetings (either telemeetings or local meetings in the US);
  • Mixed meetings (for all genders) — see below;
  • LGBT and LGBT-friendly meetings – many women find such meetings more inclusive and accepting of women than some other mixed meetings.
  • Open meetings (visitors or guests welcome) may help, if you are not sure you are a sex addict, or not willing to self identify as one — see below.
  • Marathon Holiday Meetings (see below)

“Open” Meetings — Open to guests and visitors

Local Open Meetings

There are hundreds of local Open Meetings (usually, local, or face-to-face, but electronic as well) listed by the SAA Meetings page.

Local meetings can be found on the SAA International Service Organization Meetings webpage

See the image below for how to set the filter to locate Open meetings:

  1. Under Access, set “Open to visitors”;
  2. Choose the meeting Makeup (“All”, “Mixed”, “Men” or “Women”);
  3. Choose your Language;
  4. Enter your approximate location;
  5. Click Search.

Electronic Open Meetings

The Telemeeting Intergroup lists electronic meetings (“Telemeetings”) only, that are “Open”; go to SAAtalk.infoclick on Find a Telemeeting, and set Attendance to “Open.”

Here is a recent list of these meetings; click on the meeting name for your local time, and meeting details:

Name, Day
Half Hour of Power(lessness) – 11th Step Meditation Sunday
Half Hour of Power(lessness) – 11th Step Meditation Monday
Intimacy in Partnership Tuesday
Half Hour of Power(lessness) – 11th Step Meditation Tuesday
Global SAA Telemeetings Tuesday
WedBBStudy Wednesday
Open Intimacy & Sexual Avoidance Wednesday
Half Hour of Power(lessness) – 11th Step Meditation Wednesday
Open Intimacy & Sexual Avoidance Wednesday
Primary Purpose Big Book Study Group Wednesday
Open Intimacy & Sexual Avoidance Thursday
Half Hour of Power(lessness) – 11th Step Meditation Thursday
SAAPPG Big Book Study Thursday PM Thursday
In The Rooms Friday Night 8 pm Meeting Friday
Open Intimacy & Sexual Avoidance Saturday

Speaker Saapp Saturday Night Saturday

Women-only meetings:

Click here to find Meetings for women-only

Evah’s Story (finding women-only meetings)

From the March – April 2022 The Outer Circle on pages 6-7 in the “Dear Grace Column”: (Click here for Evah’s Story)

How to find an Intimacy Avoidance [or ISA] meeting

Information on all meetings:

  • call the International Service Organization [ISO] office at 1.800.477.8191 (US/Canada) or 1-713-869-4902, during office hours [10:00 AM – 6:00 PM CT/US];
  • email: grace@saa-women.org, (for women only), or info@saa-recovery.org for the SAA Office in Houston, TX-713-869-4902, during office hours [10:00 AM – 6:00 PM CT/US];
  • email: grace@saa-women.org, (for women only), or info@saa-recovery.org for the SAA Office in Houston, TX

Marathon Holiday Meetings

The Telemeeting Intergroup has frequently listed Marathon Holiday SAA Events, including both Meetings and Fellowship;
recently, the ISA Intergroup has hosted 10-hour OPEN (members and guests) meetings for:

  • New Years Day,
  • 4th of July,
  • Labor Day (U.S.)
  • Thanksgiving (American), and
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve,

To see if any events are scheduled click here

Upcoming for the Holidays?

To see if any events are scheduled click here

Mixed” Meetings (for all genders)


Mixed” meetings are for all genders (as opposed to “Men-only” or “Women-only” meetings)
Mixed meetings may be CLOSED (for SAA members* only) or OPEN (for members, visitors, and guests).

Electronic (Tele-)meetings

Electronic Meetings are primarily listed in two places: (1) The SAA International website; and (2) the Telemeeting Intergroup website.

Local (face-to-face) meetings

Local face-to-face meetings are listed on the SAA International meeting website once they register with the SAA Office.

Note: Check your nearest local Intergroup for new or unregistered local meetings.

How to find:

  • Meetings registered with the SAA office(**) in Houston, TX
  • Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG] “member” meetings
  • unregistered (usually, local) meetings — check local Intergroups
  • Special focus meetings

(NOTE: Meetings are not required to register with the SAA International Service Organization [ISO] office nor to become “member meetings” of the Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG], but many electronic meetings do both, and thus are listed on both sites.)

Note on “Mixed” (for all genders) meetings:

Most meetings in many places are mixed meetings, for both men or women. It may be helpful for you to find a woman-only meeting to hear stories like yours.

Meetings listed as “Mixed” may actually only have men attending; occasionally, there may be men who object to a woman being there, sometimes blaming their wife or partner. Know that Tradition Three gives you the right to attend any Mixed meeting!

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