Welcoming to women meetings

Meetings who want you to know they are “Welcoming to Women”

Most SAA meetings are “mixed,” meaning that they are open to all genders. All mixed meetings are welcoming to all genders, including, of course women. There are many more men in SAA than women, so meetings may not be used to women sex addicts. Despite their intention to welcome women they may seem unfriendly or discuss topics which a woman might find difficult. So, how does a woman find one that is welcoming?

The meetings listed on this page want you to know that they welcome women at their meetings.

The SAA Women’s Intergroup intends to list meetings that are approachable, welcoming, and safe – friendly to women. We want to hear from groups that support our Vision and Mission; for example, they may:

  • provide contact information for women,
  • have one or more women attending, or
  • offer a separate phone list for women members.

If this describes your mixed-gender, women-only, LGBTQ+, or open meeting, we encourage you to register as a Member Meeting with the SAA Women’s Intergroup at your business meeting. Register your Women-only or “Welcoming to Women” meeting with Women’s Intergroup. We list registered member meetings (below), and we send announcements for our Intergroup’s Business Meetings, where your members (of all genders) may attend and vote.

“To carry the message of recovery to the (woman) sex addict who still suffers and to support the (woman) sex addict who continues with her journey of recovery.”

SAA Women’s Intergroup Vision

“To produce, support, and financially assist women-only retreats, workshops, events, activities, and initiatives focused on sexual addiction recovery; to support the women’s outreach initiatives of other SAA groups; and to provide information, encouragement, and financial assistance for individual women to participate in these events.”

SAA Women’s Intergroup Mission Statement

Take what you like and leave the rest” is a common phrase helping us to focus on where the similarities are and leaving the differences.
All meetings have a structure and a format which is agreed by that particular group. SAA as a whole can’t be responsible for each meeting, which is why we suggest that newcomers try six meetings before deciding if SAA is for you. If you do not feel comfortable in a meeting you can just leave, but we recommend finding a different one, as you might get the message you want to hear.

NameTypeCityTime ZoneDay & Time Women’s ContactTelemeeting Link (Click to join)Additional Information
Spiritual AwakeningsClosed, MixedRaleigh, NCEDT (UTC-4)Sunday, 9-10 AMRachel R. 336-471-9089
face-to-face onlysee
Accepting OurselvesClosed, mixed gender, LGBTQ+ friendly/focus, HybridTucson, AZ MST (UTC-7)Sunday, 1:30-2:30 PMSusan Q
cell: 520-561-2947
email: susquill@gmail.com
Zoom ID: 717 277 0781
PW :775 2081
Local: Trinity Presbyterian;
400 E. University
Room 21, Tucson
Enter East side of complex.
Park betw. 3rd & 4th Aves. See saa-soaz.org/
SAA Book Step StudyClosed, MixedPortland, ORPDT
Sunday, 1 PM Gary T, pdxsaasundaystepstudy@gmail.comZOOM onlysee portlandsaa.org/
Recovery MattersClosed, MixedRaleigh, NCEDT (UTC-4)Monday, 8-9 PMRachel R. 336-471-9089
face-to-face onlsee
New BeginningsMixedCDT
Wednesday 6 PMJim Q, Jfq56@hotmail.com or 469.667.6424The meeting is accessed only by phone: 978.990.5000,,745718. No password needed.Format: Discussion group
Women’s Safe SpaceETWednesday 8:30 PMPlease contact Darice at 601-410-7481 or Meghan at 757-303-9255 to joinZOOM meeting only; call for information and access
LGBTQI and Women’s MeetingClosed, Mixed, ZoomPortland, ORPDT
Wednesday 7-8 PMpdxgaysandgals@gmail.com or
Meeting ID: 863 5849 1296
Password: 559 655
On zoom until further notice; see portlandsaa.org/
Grace GroupClosed, Mixed, HybridTucson, AZMST [UTC-7]Thursday 6:30 PM (90 minutes) She11ey@outlook.comZOOM Meeting ID: 842 452 544
Bethel Community Baptist Church
446 S. Plumer Ave.
Hybrid meeting starts 1/6/22 – Masks required; see saa-soaz.org/
Walking the PathOpen, Mixed, Hybrid via zoomW. Seattle, WAPDT
Thursday 7-8 PMMichelle:
[txt OK]
https://us04web.zoom.us/j/74826403961In-person 2nd Thursday of month
(txt to verify); see pugetsoundsaa.org/
Freedom GroupClosed, MixedClayton, NCEDT (UTC-4)Friday, 8-9 PMRachel R. 336-471-9089
face-to-face onlysee
11th Step Prayer & MeditationCLOSED, MixedRaleigh, NCEDT (UTC-4)Saturday, 9-10 AMRachel R. 336-471-9089
face-to-face onlysee
Local meetings may be in-person, online, or both (known as “Hybrid”). Changes may be temporary or long-term.

These meetings also appear on SAATalk.info

Name (Click for time, details)TypeDay Women’s ContactAdditional Information
Late Night RecoveryMixedAll 7 NightswomeninSrecovery@gmail.com or Sherry G 314-474-6519 or l8nightrecovery@gmx.comTelephone: Dial (667) 770-1484 and enter passcode 9619345
Big Book Study groupMixedSundayKerri L: 401 450 4864, or saapptoronto2019@gmail.com
Plano Serenity and AcceptanceMixed,
Hybrid: Video +Audio
MondayContact@Plano-SAA.orgHybrid live/Zoom meeting
Password is 1919. One tap mobile:
Answers in the Heart StudyMixedMondayBlossom: 1-818-929-1570teleconference
SAPPG Tuesday MorningMixedTuesdayLisa P [NH] ljportelli@aol.comteleconference
Spirituality and AweMixed, Hybrid; Video +AudioTuesdayjfq56@hotmail.comVideo and audio; Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82409878358?pwd=eXllYTRLUmJLeHVMdEFocU9OaGY0QT09
or phone +13462487799,,82409878358#,,1#,1919#
Rise-n-Shine Big Book StudyMixedThursday Jodi: 6082124536; Cheri C: +12566316050teleconference
Thursday One Morning at a TimeMixedThursdayThursdayOMAAT@gmail.comOriginally local in Indianapolis [IN]; now on zoom
Women In RecoveryWomen-onlyThursday sarahmbrooks@gmail.comPlease email sarahmbrooks@gmail.com for access information
Friday Solutions GroupMixedFridayaca.christine@gmail.comTelephone: +1-605-475-6333 access code: 258258
Friday Global Skype meetingMixedFridaySarah L.Please contact friday.global.webcall@gmail.com for an invitation to the Skype based meeting
“The Telemeeting Intergroup of Sex Addicts Anonymous is a service board directly responsible to telemeetings that have chosen to register with it. “

Special focus meetings

Name (Click for time, details)TypeAdditional Information Day Women’s Contact
Trans/GNC/Gender-Questioning & Allies Closed SAA MeetingSpecial focus: LGBTQ+“For those who identify as trans, gender-nonconforming, or gender-questioning only. We welcome anyone as long as they are described by one or more of the above categories.Wednesdaytransgncsaa@protonmail.com
Dissociative Identity Disorder SAA MtgSpecial focus; Mixed;For those with D.I.D. only. See: “If you think this meeting is for you, please watch this first” link, on the Telemeeting IG details page.SaturdayDebbie: 501-557-3371 or dissociatedalter@gmail.com
Trans/GNC/Gender-Questioning & Allies Closed SAA MeetingSpecial focus: LGBTQ+“For those who identify as trans, gender-nonconforming, or gender-questioning only. We welcome anyone as long as they are described by one or more of the above categories.Sundaytransgncsaa@protonmail.com
“Some groups … have made the autonomous decision to gear their meeting toward a specific group within the fellowship..”
— Tradition Three, Sex Addicts Anonymous page 82.

Events Welcoming to Women members

Events are not frequent but when available will be posted here and other websites.

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