International women

The international website ( is managed by the International Service Organisation (ISO).

ISO conducts business on behalf of the SAA fellowship. With the financial support of SAA members and groups, ISO is able to provide services to the fellowship, such as printing literature, and coordinating activities and events for the fellowship.

They have included useful pages containing information for women and lists of hundreds of meetings are held there.


There are more women’s meetings and information on local Intergroup websites.

An Intergroup is a number of meetings that come together for form a group. For example meetings in the UK manage themselves under SAAUK. There are Intergroups in the US that group themselves by state, and others which are whole countries eg Italy, Australia.

“We depend on each other to stay sexually sober, and SAA depends on our service to keep functioning. Service in SAA ranges from one-on-one outreach over a cup of coffee to the worldwide outreach performed by the International Service Organization (ISO)… At the international level, the ISO provides services that member groups and intergroups cannot provide on their own.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 75-76
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