Women’s Stories

“Some women struggle to feel a sense of hope in a program that currently has, proportionally, a small number of women. They may not see or hear their stories reflected in meetings with mostly, or all, men.”

WOC Welcome Letter, Women’s Outreach Committee, May 9, 2021

Fortunately for those women, many stories from recovering women sex addicts in SAA are available today — starting with women’s stories in the SAA basic text, the “Green Book.”

NOTE: The SAA Women’s Intergroup is an autonomous SAA group; as such, we have the freedom to post personal stories that may not have received SAA conference approval as well as others that are publically available on the worldwide web. The views expressed in these writings are those of the author and may not reflect those of the International Service Organization of SAA, the SAA Women’s Intergroup, or SAA as a whole.

Links to stories from SAA Intergroups

Workshop and personal story: A History of Women in SAA

Recorded stories:

Recorded MP3 audio stories are available from the SAA Store:

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Telemeeting Intergroup Women’s Stories

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