About SAA Women’s Intergroup

Our website is “A Comprehensive Guide” bringing you: “All Things For All SAA Women” for recovery resources!

Who are we — where do we come from?

The SAA Women’s Intergroup was formed in 2018 by members of the Women’s Outreach Committee [WOC] (with others), who saw the need for an autonomous service organization focused on helping women in SAA. We took over financially assisting and helping to organize women’s retreats from the WOC.

As an autonomous intergroup, we can accept donations targeted for women’s use (the ISO cannot). We have funded women’s workshops and a retreat and assisted women in attending the annual convention in our brief existence.

Today we are much more than just a funding committee, targeting the resource needs of new women members as we see them. In one location our website includes comprehensive help finding these resources:

1) meetings, 2) sponsors, 3) connections, 4) stories of women, and 5) diversity.

We are not affiliated with any other organization. As a registered Intergroup with the ISO of SAA, we are not part of the ISO and operate autonomously. We list our business meetings on the website of the Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG], but we are separate, and not a member meeting of that intergroup.

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Registering Meetings that are “Welcoming to Women”

About 80% of SAA meetings are “Mixed”. But in practice, many are men-only and can seem unfriendly to women. So, how does a woman find one that is welcoming?

The SAA Women’s Intergroup wants to help. We want to find approachable, welcoming, safe meetings friendly to women. We seek meetings with (i) contacts just for women and (ii) one or more women attending regularly.

If this describes your meeting (Mixed, Women-only, LGBTQ+, or Open), we encourage you to register your meeting with the SAA Women’s Intergroup as a member meeting. The Intergroup will list registered meetings on our women-focused website on the Welcoming to Women page.

Registered meetings receive monthly announcements, and their members (all genders) may attend and vote at our monthly meetings.

To register your meeting as Welcoming to Women: Click Here

Registration will also help the Women’s Intergroup to be more representative. Registered meetings receive monthly announcements, and their members (all genders) may attend and vote at our monthly meetings.

NOTE: our meeting day and time has changed!

Effective Sunday May 1, 2022, our next meeting will be:

On the first Sunday of the month, at 1:30 PM CT

Meetings are held via zoom, available from a computer, tablet, or phone.

Join us! (Meeting information): Be a part of our service to SAA women:

All SAA meetings and members who share our vision are invited to join and attend our Intergroup meetings, regardless of gender.

  • Go to the website for Telemeeting Intergroup (SAAtalk.info);
  • Click on Business Meetings  for information on our monthly SAA Women’s Intergroup business meeting;
  • All members of meetings registered with us as Welcoming to Women are automatically voting members of the Intergroup when they attend;
  • All SAA members may attend — there is no gender requirement.

Please contact us at saawomensig@gmail.com to be included in the email meeting announcements.

About your donation:

  • The SAA Traditions instruct us that we may accept donations from SAA members, Meetings, and Committees — we can accept no outside donations;
  • our Bylaws permit the use of all donations only for the benefit of women SAA members;
  • no member of the SAA Women’s Intergroup may personally receive any benefit from the donations.

Contact us:

The SAA Women’s Intergroup wants to support you and welcomes your support! Reach out by emailing saawomensig@gmail.com.

Contact the webmaster at: saaforwomen.webmaster@gmail.com

Other contacts:

To Make Donations:

Donations may be made by PayPal using our email address: SaawomensIG@gmail.com


Women’s Intergroup
Sponsored Event:

No Women’s Intergroup-sponsored events are currently scheduled.

Finding other SAA events:

Question: Where do I find information about Events?
Answer: Two fellowship-wide posting sites for workshops, retreats, and other events include:

Women’s Intergroup past events
  • SAA Women’s Panel on Safety and Welcoming (2022-10-15) (recording available soon)
  • Exquisite Self Care Workshop for Women (2020-12-05)
  • Neurobiology of Sex Addiction Women’s Workshop (2020-11-15)
  • SAA International Women’s Virtual Retreat (2020-08-08 & -09)
  • Women’s Sponsor-Sponsee Connection Meeting(s) (several)

“Most groups also have a social life outside the meetings.  Before or after meetings, people meet for coffee and food.  … Some groups have retreats together to intensify work on the program.  While these are not part of the meeting, they are essential to program life.  To regard them as an option for which one does not have time is to miss out on an important part of developing a program for oneself: building a support network.”

“A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Steps,” revised edition, page 3, [Note: not an SAA-approved publication — this is not an endorsement of this book, author, or publisher.]

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