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Bringing you: “All Things For All SAA Women” for recovery resources!

We are an Intergroup, or service committee, of Sex Addicts Anonymous [SAA], using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of SAA, and not affiliated with any other organization or agency. We are a registered Intergroup with the International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA; however, we are not part of the ISO, and operate autonomously,

Vision Statement:  To carry the message of recovery to the (woman) sex addict who still suffers and to support the (woman) sex addict who continues with her journey of recovery.

Our Mission:  To produce, support, and financially assist women-only retreats, workshops, events, activities, and initiatives focused on sexual addiction recovery; to support the women’s outreach initiatives of other SAA groups; and to provide information, encouragement, and financial assistance for individual women to participate in these events. 

See also Our Bylaws

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To Make a Donation in service to the Woman Sex Addict

Join us! (Meeting information) — Be a part of our service to SAA women:

All SAA meetings and members who share our vision are invited to join and attend our Intergroup meetings, regardless of gender.

We meet monthly on Thursday, at 8 PM US/Central Time, on the fourth Thursday of the month(**).

See Telemeeting Intergroup under “Business Meetings for how to attend, or email SaaWomensIG@gmail.com. We meet via zoom, available from a computer, tablet, or phone. Please contact us at SaaWomensIG@gmail.com to be included in the email meeting announcements.

** (except when Holidays — such as American Thanksgiving — fall on the fourth Thursday, we meet on the third Thursday instead).

NOTE: For those familiar with “Twelve-Step” organizations, here is how we carry out our mission and vision:
  • We are an autonomous group (see SAA Fourth Tradition), not a part of the International Service Organization [ISO] of SAA or the ISO’s Women’s Outreach Committee.
  • We are not a part of the SAA Telemeeting Intergroup or affiliated with any other Intergroup, board, or committee. According to the SAA Traditions, we are accountable to those we serve (all women members of SAA).
  • Being not affiliated with other SAA groups, boards, or committees allows us to connect you with meetings, stories, events, publications, and blogs, from all SAA groups, committees, and service organizations, in addition to our own resources.
  • It also allows us to accept donations used only for Women Sex Addicts in recovery, whereas the ISO cannot accept such directed donations.
  • We partner with the ISO (especially the Women’s Outreach Committee) and other SAA groups, intergroups, committees.

See Our Bylaws to learn how donations are used only for the purpose of carrying the message of recovery to the (women) sex addict who suffers. Typical use includes scholarships for retreats, registration or rooms for women at ISO Convention, and other indirect funding benefitting SAA women only.

Help plan the next Women’s Event, Workshop or Retreat:

The SAA Women’s Intergroup can support any SAA women’s function and event with publicity and, in many cases, with financial support, for women members only.
Contact SaaWomensIG@gmail.com email address to inquire about how you can help us to help you.

SAA Women’s Intergroup is a registered intergroup with the International Service Organization [ISO] of Sex Addicts Anonymous [SAA].

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