Specialty Meetings

“As a fellowship, Sex Addicts Anonymous is open to anyone with a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior. Some groups, however, have made the autonomous decision to gear their meetings towards a specific group within the fellowship. For example, there are meetings for men, women, gays and lesbians, sexual anorexics, professionals, and those who have committed felonious behaviors. Such meetings are to allow those of us who attend them to speak more freely, to get the opportunity to meet with others who may understand us better, or to better protect our anonymity.”

–Sex Addicts Anonymous, Tradition Three, page 82. (Emphasis added.)

Call SAA Office

Professionals (and other public figures)

Click here for information on meetings for professionals. Typically, such meetings are not published anywhere. (With questions, contact the SAA office, in Houston, TX

Current (and Former) recovering sex workers

“’We Are Priceless‘ is a safe space where former sex workers, and current sex workers who are seeking to leave the industry, can heal together.” 

“We Are Priceless” announcement

Minors — Under 18 years (under construction)

(call SAA Office @ 1.800.477.8191)

In Prison (call SAA Office @ 1.800.477.8191)

  • Vancouver, BC Canada
    Prison Meetings:
    For information about SAA meetings in prisons, please contact us:
    By email at prison@saavancouver.org
    By mail at:
    SAA Intergroup
    PO BOX 4941, Stn. Terminal
    Vancouver, BC, V6B 4A6

Sex Offenders (levels 1, 2 or 3)

(call SAA Office @ 1.800.477.8191)


Breaking the Chains is a new electronic (Zoom) meeting for level 2 and level 3 sex offenders,
Saturday, 10 AM CT — Click here for information, and to send email for access.

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