Specialty Committees and Intergroups

While most intergroups serve meetings in their local area, there are also some intergroups that serve special groups within the fellowship.

Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Intergroup [ISA IG]

What is Intimacy Avoidance?

SAA Women’s Intergroup

The website you are on is created by the Women’s Intergroup to serve women around the world.



Telemeeting Intergroup (TIG)

The Telemeeting Intergroup has its own website – www.saatalk.info

Email for more information – info@saatalk.info

SAA Big Book Study Intergroup

SAA Big Book Study webpage


The SAA Big Book Study Intergroup serves SAA groups and members who use the text of Alcoholics Anonymous (a.k.a., the Big Book) to take the Twelve Steps of SAA and to carry their SAA message of recovery from sex addiction.  Member groups faithfully follow the Twelve Traditions of SAA as adapted from those of AA to whose authors and whose trusted servants this Intergroup’s members continue to bear their gratitude. 

Intergroup Representatives are sent from member groups and meet the first Saturday of each month at the time listed […].  The meeting is open to members of any member group, to persons interested in the Intergroup, and to members of SAA as a whole. 

SAA Big Book Intergroup Telemeeting Details

“An intergroup is made up of individuals representing autonomous member groups […], who meet regularly to coordinate activities and conduct business for the collective benefit of their member groups.

Specialized types of meetings, such as tele-meetings or online meetings, may also choose to form intergroups to address issues unique to their particular medium.”

SAA International Service Organization website on Intergroups

“SAA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

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