Professional meetings

History of SAA professional meetings

The first meeting, the green book tells us in the stories, “of the first ten members, nine were involved some way with mental health services.” It was also reported that in 1980, eleven of the twelve worked as some kind of Health Care professional, and one was a Judge. Their need for anonymity was very high. Clearly, they would be called a Professional Meeting today.

On the meeting registration form, meetings can choose “Closed/12/New” or “Closed/12/All”:
Closed/New” meeting locations are not published. Newcomers must meet with a member of the group before attending.
Closed/All” meeting locations are not given to anyone. To attend, a local member must be contacted.

Suggested reading:

“As a fellowship, Sex Addicts Anonymous is open to anyone with a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior. Some groups, however, have made the autonomous decision to gear their meetings towards a specific group within the fellowship. For example, there are meetings for men, women, gays and lesbians, sexual anorexics, professionals, and those who have committed felonious behaviors. Such meetings are to allow those of us who attend them to speak more freely, to get the opportunity to meet with others who may understand us better, or to better protect our anonymity.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, Tradition Three, page 82.; (Emphasis added.)

“When asked about “Boundary Meetings” recently, an ISO staff member responded: “A boundary meeting is one with a specific requirement to attend, for example, a meeting for helping professionals only. There was once (maybe still is) a boundary meeting for very highly visible addicts, such as actors or politicians.”

Caregivers Meeting in Austin, TX

Special Meetings For Licensed Caregivers and Clergy

Austin has meetings for licensed professional caregivers (therapists and clergy and independent medical professionals). Meeting locations are never published. Please send an email to, with instructions for us to contact you, or call the SAA Info Line: 512-956-6868 and leave voicemail with same. Verifiable credential information will be required for attendance. Your email or phone message will be answered confidentially by a licensed professional.

Healing Professionals – Boundary Group

This is an online telemeeting for sex addicts within the healing profession.

It is a closed meeting meaning that only people in healthcare, counselling, clergy, or other healing professions should attend. Please respect the group by agreeing to this boundary. 

If you would like to participate in this meeting, and/or to be on a contact list for support via phone/text/email, please contact the group consciousnow@gmail.

Healthcare Professional telemeeting information

Healing Professionals in Southern California

This meeting is open to therapists, clergy, and medical professionals needing an extra degree of anonymity as we open ourselves to the healing we seek to provide others in a safe space. The time and location for this meeting are not published due to discretion and confidentiality.
Email basic information about your professional role to for more information, as well as for time and location. In the Los Angeles area, click here for assistance.

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