Green Book Stories

How to find women’s stories in Sex Addicts Anonymous (known as the “Green Book”)

This book includes stories written by SAA members, including 16 written by women; three are LGBT women stories:

How to access these stories:

  • You may view “Sex Addicts Anonymous” (the “green book”) online at no cost;
  • The book versions are available in print for purchase from the SAA Store, in English (and a few more languages);
  • SAA Store also offers downloadable e-versions at a reduced cost;
  • And, the store tells you where you can get recorded versions, in both male and female voices (English). and some other languages.

Women’s stories in Sex Addicts Anonymous

Story#Name in Green Book of the StoryPage# pages
2A Phone Call Saved Her Life   1146
5Her Dreams Are Coming True1292.5
8A Nun and a Sex Addict1393.5
10Sexual Anorexic1454
14Living Amends1615
18Many Hurdles to Jump1825
22Staying on the Path2052.5
25From Insanity to Serenity21510
29A New Journey2364
31Breaking the Silence2444.5
34Now She Has Hope2632.5
41It Works if We Work It2944.5
43The Key to Healing3032.5
45Dreams Restored3143
LGBT women’s stories in the Green Book 
5Her Dreams Are Coming True1294
25From Insanity to Serenity21510
43The Key To Healing3033

Recorded MP3 audio stories are also available from the SAA Store:
Click here for a partial list.

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