SAA Women’s Intergroup email voting procedures

SAA Women’s Intergroup [WIG] and Intergroup Subcommittees Email Voting Requirements:

Approved May 23, 2020

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to initiate an online vote. The Chair may delegate to another Officer, Board Member, or workgroup chair.
  2. Each business motion or topic for voting will be clearly defined and the voting process will begin and end as specified by the Chair; the voting may be either ANONYMOUS or OPEN, but not both, determined by the chair.
  3. Members included in the email vote mailing list will be all the members present at that last WIG business meeting or workgroup meeting, plus all excused absences, as recorded by the Secretary.
  4. Recognizing the limitations that members of the Committee may have to respond to such a vote, the voting period will be no less than three (3) days and no more than seven (7) days.
  5. Substantial unanimity of a quorum will be the standard for approval of any business motion or topic presented.
  6. The results of the vote will be reported by the Secretary during the next committee meeting and will be entered into the official record via the minutes of that meeting.
  7. Online votes for WIG subcommittees shall follow the same general procedures as outlined above.
  8. There will be no online voting involving spending of WIG treasury. Treasury spending issues are to be addressed during monthly WIG meeting only. 
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