Recovery for Former Sex Workers

“We Are Priceless” — Recovery for Former Sex Workers of all Genders

“We Are Priceless” is a safe space where former sex workers, and current sex workers who are seeking to leave the industry, can heal together. 

For the purposes of the group, Sex work is defined as, but not limited to anyone who traded sexual behavior for money, goods, notoriety, services, etc. for any amount of time, including once.

The group was born from a discussion between a few former sex workers and an ally, who were talking about how to share in SAA meetings, especially mixed meetings, about their experiences with selling sex without triggering other sex addicts. So this meeting was created where people of all genders, with a common history of trading for sex, along with trusted allies, can work their recovery together, and create a safe place to share.

For safety, interested members are requested to email for more info, and in order to be accepted to join the meeting. We would […] set up a conference call with two representatives of the meeting to share stories and give the access information, […] with anyone who inquires about the meeting.

Meeting guidelines ask that participants focus on the solution, and that has largely been the case.  While there is a common history of selling for sex, and people have shared issues common to ex workers (such as financial issues and finding employment), it’s usually an incredibly safe and uplifting meeting.

(Note: When the group was formed, the Group Conscience was to allow safe, selected allies as well as sex workers.)

Telemeeting details, for group We Are Priceless

Attendance        Mixed – any sex addicts seeking recovery

How to join         please email for more information

Scheduled time  Sunday 12:00 US/Pacific

Duration              1 hour

Meeting type     Boundary (new members must meet with members and be invited to join)

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