Resources for Women

SAA Tradition Nine: “SAA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards and committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

(**) Be sure to go to the Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG] Members page to become a member, to get access to all TIG resources.

Making Connections

Finding other women to connect and share contacts:

  • Various contact lists — several resources (Women’s Outreach, Telemeeting Intergroup, others) maintain lists of members seeking and providing contact information;
  • A number of Intergroups have separate emails or phone numbers for women only. Check the Intergroups list;
  • Meetings (both electronic and local, face-to-face meetings) maintain phone and/or email lists of members willing to be contacted;
    many women’s meetings, and a few “Mixed” (all genders) meetings, offer women-only contact lists; —
    Click here for meetings, including Women-only meetings, either Telemeetings or local (face-to-face).

For information on the Women Outreach List

For information on an LGBT ISO Support List 

(Beginning in June 2021, the LGBT Outreach Subcommittee and the SAA Office are creating a contact list; for information or to request to be added to the list, contact

Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance ISA Resources — Download PDF file!

1) Contact information from ISA Resources may not be current — check dates of meetings, links, etc.
2) We suggest you email for assistance)

For information on the Telemeeting contact list

Suggested reading:

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