Resources for Women

SAA Tradition Nine: “SAA, as such, ought never be organized, but we may create service boards and committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

For information on the Women Outreach List

Making Connections

Finding other women to connect and share contacts:

  • Various contact lists — several resources (Women’s Outreach, Telemeeting Intergroup, others) maintain lists of members seeking and providing contact information;
  • A number of Intergroups have separate emails or phone numbers for women only. Check the Intergroups list;
  • Meetings (both electronic and local, face-to-face meetings) maintain phone and/or email lists of members willing to be contacted;
    many women’s meetings, and a few “Mixed” (all genders) meetings, offer women-only contact lists; —
    Click here for meetings, including Women-only meetings, either Telemeetings or local (face-to-face).

(**) Be sure to go to the Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG] Members page to become a member, to get access to all TIG resources.

For information on the Telemeeting contact list

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