Sponsors Helping Sponsors

Sponsors practice a program of recovery and when sober they share that program with newcomers. If it can keep one person sober, it could do the same for someone else.

There is no training to be a sponsor. Sponsors may want support to find tools, advise sponsees on how to work the steps. At this stage of their recovery sponsors will have a strong connection with their Higher Power to guide them in their words and actions with sponsees. They will also have built up a network of other recovering addicts who they can speak to.

The Sponsors Helping Sponsors (SHS) meeting and discussion group provides a safe space to ask questions and hear the experience of others. Sponsees are not named, and their situations are not discussed. This meeting practices anonymity of for everyone.

The meeting is every Thursday at 11am EST.
Telemeeting details

The audio is recorded, and available to all email for more information.


SHS has […] a list (and links) covering over 20 months of our weekly audio recordings made during the “Sponsors Helping Sponsors” SAA Zoom meeting held every Thursday morning.  These recordings are available [to members, and] are also listed on our meeting page on saatalk.info.  [An] updated list via email of the recordings each month is also available

From Sponsors Helping Sponsors announcement, August 2021

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