Sponsor Lists

“A sponsor is a person in the fellowship who acts as a guide to working the program of SAA – a fellow addict we can rely upon for support. Ideally, a sponsor is abstinent from addictive sexual behavior, has worked the steps, and can teach us what he or she has learned from working the program. We can learn from a sponsor’s experience, struggles, successes, and mistakes. […] Most importantly, sponsors guide us through the Twelve Steps.”

(Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 13)

[…] we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.

SAA Tradition Nine

Various committees and intergroups offer assistance for singing a sponsor, especially in the form of contact lists of persons who have offered to sponsor other members. These include:

  • SAA Women’s Outreach Committee’s “Women’s Outreach List,” or “Grace list, for members identifying as women only;
  • SAA Telemeeting Intergroup’s offers the Telemeeting Intergroup Contact List for Telemeeting members;
  • LGBT Outreach Committee’s “LGBT Outreach Support List” (like the Men’s and Women’s lists for support) if a list of LGBT members willing to sponsor other members of the LGBTQ+ community. They recommend woman members seek sponsors from the Women’s Outreach (Grace) List.contact glbt@saa-recovery.org to receive the sponsor contact list.
  • Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Outreach Committee’s Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Awareness Committee {ISAAC] may also offer assistance for avoidant members — contact ISAAC by emailing Avoidance@SAA-RECOVERY.ORG.
  • The LGBTQ Outreach Committee also sponsors several LGBTQ+ Newcomers Workshops during the year.
  • The Prisoner Outreach Committee offers assistance to those who are in prison. Contact ISO Office.

DC Metro Sponsors Roundtable

Every other Tuesday, 7:30 pm EST (which week?)
Zoom ID: 125 739 743
Password: 123456

Step Study for women needing sponsors

Seeking 2-3 women needing sponsors to join a year-long step mixed step group.
For more information contact Christine from IN 206-209-4445.

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