Sponsor Lists

The best way to find a sponsor is through outreach, at meetings or asking committees and intergroups for assistance to find a sponsor.

Often potential sponsors will add their names to a list and can be contacted. These sponsors are able to sponsor but may not be available. To find a sponsor try to speak to lots of people – ask them about their sobriety and what their program is – when you find someone who has what you want, ask them to be your sponsor.

Available sponsors will not offer to sponsor you. It is important that newcomers have the space to choose for themselves without feeling pressured by a well-meaning person.

It does mean that newcomers need to be brave, ask questions and ask for help.

“A sponsor is a person in the fellowship who acts as a guide to working the program of SAA – a fellow addict we can rely upon for support. Ideally, a sponsor is abstinent from addictive sexual behavior, has worked the steps, and can teach us what he or she has learned from working the program. We can learn from a sponsor’s experience, struggles, successes, and mistakes. […] Most importantly, sponsors guide us through the Twelve Steps.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 13
  • Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Awareness Committee (ISAAC) contact ISAAC by emailing Avoidance@saa-recovery.org.
  • The Prisoner Outreach Committee offers assistance to those who are in prison. Contact ISO Office for information in the USA or your local Intergroup.
  • DC Metro Sponsors Roundtable: Every other Tuesday, 7:30 pm EST
    Zoom ID: 125 739 743
    Password: 123456
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