Meeting Types

“Some women struggle to feel a sense of hope in a program that currently has, proportionally, a small number of women. They may not see or hear their stories reflected in meetings with mostly, or all, men. They may wish to relate to women only and feel afraid of, triggered by, or angry at, men. Other women prefer to be around men and have strong negative feelings for women. Some have both, or neither!

Although many of us on the WOC have had similar feelings, the message we wish to carry to women newcomers is that others have found the miracle of recovery in the fellowship as it currently exists, and they can too.”

— “Women’s Welcome Letter” of the Women’s Outreach Committee of the ISO of SAA

Partial list of meeting types:

  • Members-only (or “CLOSED”)
  • Members and guests (or “OPEN”)
  • “Women-only” (and also, “Men-only”)
  • “Mixed” (for all genders)
  • LGBT+ (usually, all genders & attractions, + straight)
  • Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance (“ISA”) (sometimes called Intimacy Avoidance, or Sexual Anorexia)
  • Professional (requires an invitation to join)
  • Electronic (especially, telephone or online):
  • Under 18 years (call SAA Office @ 1.800.477.8191)
  • Sex Offenders (levels 1, 2, or 3)

Electronic meetings are held for those who are unable to attend regular face-to-face meetings.
Currently, the Telemeeting Intergroup lists three types of these meetings:

  • Online Text – conducted using “chat” technology. Users log into these sessions and communicate by entering text via the “chat” software.
  • Telemeetings – held via telephone (“audio“) from a central call-in number.
  • Web Call(**)  – held using Voice Over Internet Protocol technology (VOIP). These meetings are similar to telemeetings, except an internet connection is used.

(**) Recently, many local (“face-to-face” meetings have switched to using electronic “ZOOM” or similar type video meetings. In general, these are not included as Web Call under the Telemeeting Intergroup guidelines

Marathon Holiday Meetings

See Marathon Holiday Meetings.

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