LGBTQ+ Meetings

“Some meetings have made the autonomous decision to gear their meetings toward a specific group (such as) … gays and lesbians …”

–Sex Addicts Anonymous page 82 (Tradition Three)

Electronic GLBT meetings

The Telemeeting Intergroup Meeting page allows you to search on Attendance=GLBT, to find Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG] member meetings that have chosen to self-identify as LGBT-friendly or LGBT-focus.

Here is a recent list of electronic “Attendance=GLBT” meetings from the Telemeeting Intergroup, by group name, and day of the week; click on the meeting name below to find the time for the meeting in your time zone:

GLBT Telemeetings from Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG]


All SAA meetings are open to members of any sexual orientation or identity.  However, if you wish to find a meeting that is commonly attended by members of the LGBT community contact your local group or intergroup representative.

Registered meetings

The SAA International Service Organization’s web page does not provide a means to search for LGBT meetings; however, the LGBT Outreach Committee does maintain a list of meetings, provided by each meeting themself that so self-identify. Contact to reach out to the LGBT Outreach Committee for any assistance for LGBTQ+ community members. To search the ISO SAA website for all registered SAA meetings, click here.

Announcing: A New Transgender meeting via Zoom


More LGBT zoom telemeetings
(from the LGBT ISO Outreach list):

NameTime ZoneDay & timeContact (Email or URL or phone)
LGBTQ Online Zoom meetingPTMon. 5 PMMARKINRECOVERY734@GMAIL.COM or 713-514-2575
SAA Women & LGBTQ+ ZoomETTues. 7 PM 512-350-3355 or
 GLBTQI SupportedPTTues. 7 PMSeattle LGBT English Temporary Zoom
Women, Trans, Non-binary Intimacy and Sexual AvoidanceThur. 7PM [CT][id]=312
Trans/GNC/Questioning Closed Zoom Meeting  ETSat. 3 PM
Email: for the password  
Trans/GNC/Questioning Closed Zoom Meeting  ETWed. 8 PM
Email: for the password  
call or text for password — 773-850-1093  
Houston LGBTQ ZoomCTWed. 7 PM 713-817-0809

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