LGBTQ+ Meetings

“Some meetings have made the autonomous decision to gear their meetings toward a specific group (such as) … gays and lesbians …”

–Sex Addicts Anonymous page 82 (Tradition Three) website

A service of the SAA Houston Intergroup, this site lists LGBTQ, or LGBTQ-friendly meetings registered with the ISO, by day of week, and more.

Electronic LGBT meetings

The Telemeeting Intergroup Meeting page allows you to search on Attendance=LGBT, to find Telemeeting Intergroup [TIG] member meetings that have chosen to self-identify as LGBT-friendly or LGBT-focus.

SAA LGBTQ Intergroup

A new Intergroup is being planned in support of LGBTQ members. Watch this space for new information.


All SAA meetings are open to members of any sexual orientation or identity.  However, if you wish to find a meeting that is commonly attended by members of the LGBT community contact your local group or intergroup representative.

ISO Registered meetings

The SAA International Service Organization’s web page does not provide a means to search for LGBT meetings; however, the LGBT Outreach Committee does maintain a list of meetings, provided by each meeting themself that so self-identify. Contact to reach out to the LGBT Outreach Committee for any assistance for LGBTQ+ community members. To search the ISO SAA website for all registered SAA meetings, click here.

Announcing: A New twice-a-week Transgender meeting via Zoom


More LGBT zoom telemeetings
(from the ISO LGBT Outreach list) and more:

Time ZoneDay timeTimeContact (Email or URL or phone)
ETSun1:30 PMTrans/GNC/Gender-Questioning & Allies Closed SAA Meeting
ETSun 7 PM
ETTues 7 PM 512-350-3355 or
PTTues 7 PMSeattle LGBT English Temporary Zoom
ETWed3 PMTrans/GNC/Gender-Questioning & Allies Closed SAA Meeting
CTWed 7 PM713-817-0809
ETWed 8 PM Email: for the password  
PT Wed7-8 PMPortland, OR, Temporary Zoom
Dial-up: 669-900-6833
Meeting ID: 863 5849 1296 Passcode: 559655
CTThur 7 PM[id]=312
PTFri6:30 PMFriday night Trans & Non-Binary + Cis Women’s Kindness in Recovery Meeting;
Contact: Kelli at 415-525-0530 or Bea at to attend by zoom
call or text for password — 773-850-1093  

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