First Meeting?

From the pamphlet, “A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer – from other women members of SAA (written by members of the Women’s Outreach Committee):

Welcome! You have taken a brave step walking in the door today, and we support your search for recovery. If you have a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior of any type, you are welcome here. We urge you to give our program a try. It has helped many other women – of all ages, backgrounds, and sexual orientations – find recovery from sexual addiction

Because the first meeting can feel overwhelming, we recommend coming to at least six meetings in the first six weeks before deciding whether SAA is for you. Be gentle with ourself and give yourself time to listen to others’ stories and to absorb the introductory literature. If you are like most of us, you did not get to where you are overnight. It will also take time to orient yourself to this program and this new way of life – recovery.

What to expect —

As you work up the courage and come through the door, you’ll see the faces of men and women who know your troubles: they’ve all been there too.

You will probably be asked by at least one person if this is your first meeting, and asked to introduce yourself to the group with just your first name. The facilitator of the meeting may then explain to you how that meeting will introduce you to the SAA 12 Step recovery program.

Your first meeting will likely be an opportunity for you to listen to others’ stories, learn how the program works for them, and ask questions, or share as much or as little as you’re comfortable doing. You WON’T be required to do anything — you never will be. In SAA your participation is voluntary.

Your recovery is your own, we’re here to help you. Every meeting is slightly different. We recommend that you come to at least six meetings before you decide whether SAA has anything to offer you. Some meetings regularly draw a big crowd, and some are sparsely attended. If one meeting doesn’t work for you, try another.

From the Central Florida Intergroup on newcomers.

See also the Women’s Outreach Page: Getting Started as a Woman in SAA meetings;
and the Women’s Welcome Letter.

If you (also) self-identify as LGBTQ+ See LGBTQ+ Newcomer

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