• The SAA Traditions instruct us that we may accept donations from SAA members, Meetings, and Committees — we can accept no outside donations;
  • our Bylaws permit the use of all donations only for the benefit of women SAA members;
  • no member of the SAA Women’s Intergroup may personally receive any benefit from the donations.

Donations may be made by PayPal using our email address:

If you would like to donate by check please make it out to:

SAA Women’s Intergroup

Send to: PO Box 2901 Issaquah, WA 98027

From the Bylaws of the SAA Women’s Intergroup:

IX. Acceptance and use of Donations
A. The Intergroup may accept donations from any SAA member, meeting, group or Area. Donations are not accepted from outside (non-SAA) persons or meetings.
B. Donations are to be used or distributed for SAA women members only, or for events which include and support women.
C. The Intergroup may pay for recovery events and resources, and then assign oversight for the event or resource to another partner SAA organization (such as the Women’s Outreach Committee), for benefit of SAA women members only.
D. All grants and donations approved during regular SAA Women’s Intergroup meetings must also be approved by the Board of Directors for carrying out the purpose described in Section II.

SAA Women’s Intergroup Bylaws Section IX approved June 3, 2021

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