SAA Women’s Intergroup Bylaws

I. Name of Intergroup

A. The name of the group shall be the SAA Women’s Intergroup (herein called The Intergroup).

II. Purpose of Intergroup

A. Our primary purpose is to support the (woman) sex addict who still suffers.
B. We will lead or assist in developing, funding and encouraging retreats, workshops, and other events, activities, and initiatives, as well as supporting individual women members at these events or through these initiatives.
C. In doing so, The Intergroup may partner with the ISO (especially the Women’s Outreach Committee) and various other SAA groups, intergroups, committees, and Areas.

III. Members

A. Membership in The Intergroup shall be open to all SAA members and groups who share our purpose. There is no gender requirement.
B. SAA groups may send representatives; and any SAA member may also join on their own. Member groups may be a part of other intergroups at the same time.
C. In keeping with the 9th Tradition of SAA, The Intergroup is accountable to the SAA women we serve.

IV. Officers

A. The officers of The Intergroup shall be Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
B. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of at least one officer; it shall also include at least one additional, At-Large Director(s), for a total of no more than 5 Directors in all.
C Duties of Elected Officers

1. Chair

The Chair is the presiding officer at Intergroup meetings; primary duties are listed in Robert’s Rules under Duties of the Presiding Officer of Assembly Meetings as summarized below:
a. To open the session at the time at which the assembly is to meet, by taking the chair and calling the members to order;
b. to announce the business before the assembly in the order in which it is to be acted upon;
c. to recognize members entitled to the floor;
d. to state and to put to vote all questions which are regularly moved, or necessarily arise in the course of the proceedings,
e. to announce the result of the vote;
f. to protect the assembly from annoyance from evidently frivolous or dilatory motions by refusing to recognize them;
g. to assist in the expediting of business in every way compatible with the rights of the members, as by allowing brief remarks when undebatable motions are pending, if he thinks it advisable;
h. to restrain the members when engaged in debate, within the rules of order;
i. to enforce on all occasions the observance of order and decorum among the members, deciding all questions of order (subject to an appeal to the assembly by any two members) unless when in doubt he prefers to submit the question for the decision of the assembly;
j. to inform the assembly, when necessary, or when referred to for the purpose, on a point of order or practice pertinent to pending business;
k. to authenticate, by their signature, when necessary, all the acts, orders, and proceedings of the assembly declaring its will and in all things obeying its commands.

2. Secretary

The Secretary is the recording officer of the Intergroup meetings, and custodian of its records, including Bylaws, except those records such as Treasurers books specifically assigned to someone else.
a. The Secretary calls the roll at meetings, reports the state of a quorum, and may call the roll for votes at the direction of the chair.

3. Treasurer

The Treasurer is the officer entrusted with the financial well-being of the Intergroup, as well as all financial documents.
a. The Treasurer will maintain the bank account, a P. O. Box, and all financial records.
b. An Assistant Treasurer, or another Officer, may co-sign on the bank account.

V. Meetings

A. The Intergroup shall meet regularly with an agreed upon schedule.
B. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or upon the written request of two voting members. The purpose, time and place or media of the meeting shall be stated in the call. Except in the case of an emergency, at least five days notice shall be given for a called meeting.

VI. Voting

A. Voting members shall be all members in attendance at a regular or special meeting of The Intergroup.
B. Any member may make a motion or participate in discussion; a second to the motion is required before discussion or voting.
C. Motions may be amended or withdrawn at any time by the maker prior to voting; an amended motion must be seconded again.
D. A minimum of 4 members must be present to pass a motion. Substantial unanimity, usually a minimum of a two-thirds majority, is required to pass any motion.
E. Electronic voting is permitted, according to the agreed upon guidelines.

VII. Elections

A. Requirements for holding a The Intergroup officer position:

  1. Six months membership in SAA
  2. Working a program with a sponsor, and the approval of the sponsor.

B. Any member of The Intergroup may nominate a qualified individual for an officer position
C. A simple majority is required to elect the officers. If no majority is achieved, the names of all candidates receiving at least 1 vote shall be put in a “hat”, and the name drawn randomly.
D. Elections shall be held at the first scheduled meeting of the event year. Officers shall serve for a term of up to one year until the next election, except for the Treasurer who serves a 3-year term. Our service year, for term of elections, is from the May meeting to the May meeting. Director’s term of office shall be two years, but no later than the second service year elections. Officers and Directors may be re-elected following their term.
E. Committee heads will be appointed by the Chair, who will set their term of office.

VIII. Removal from Position

A. Reasons for removing an officer from their elected position may include but are not limited to:

  1. Non-fulfillment of the duties of that position
  2. Repeated absences from Meeting of The Intergroups

B. Removing an officer from office, requires:

  1. a written request to the chair by two members, followed by:
  2. notice at a regularly scheduled meeting, then followed by:
  3. a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  4. A two-thirds majority in a meeting with at least 4 members attending is needed for removal.

C. In cases of resignation or removal, the Chair shall appoint an interim officer, pending election of an officer, to complete the unexpired term, at the next regular meeting of The Intergroup.

IX. Acceptance and use of Donations

A. The Intergroup may accept donations from any SAA member, meeting, group or Area. Donations are not accepted from outside (non-SAA) persons or meetings.
B. Donations are to be used or distributed for SAA women members only, or for events which include and support women.
C. The Intergroup may pay for recovery events and resources, and then assign oversight for the event or resource to another partner SAA organization (such as the Women’s Outreach Committee), for benefit of SAA women members only.
D. All grants and donations approved during regular SAA Women’s Intergroup meetings must also be approved by the Board of Directors for carrying out the purpose described in Section II.

X. Amendments to The Intergroup Bylaws

A. Any member may propose an amendment to the bylaws at a regular meeting of The Intergroup.
B. A two-thirds majority of voting members present is necessary to amend.
C. All changes to the Bylaws passed during regular SAA Women’s Intergroup meetings must also be approved by the Board of Directors before they take effect.

XI. Disbanding The Intergroup

A. If The Intergroup disbands, all money remaining after payment of outstanding debts will be donated to the ISO.


Record of edits and Group Conscience Decisions:
Approved June 28, 2018
Typo letter “s” removed – July 26, 2018
Added SAA before groups in Section II, C. – July 27, 2019
Added Email Voting Requirements Section VI, E. – May 23,20
Added Officers’ duties section IV, item C – May 20 2021
Added 2-year term of office for Directors, section VII, item D – May 20 2021

Approved by Chair Maria F, Secretary Carly M, May 20, 2021; Confirmed By Board of Directors June 3, 2021


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